General Sales Manager



The General Sales Manager is responsible for ensuring the success of all aspects of variable operations of the dealership. The position is responsible for management of staff, sales and F&I processes, hiring of personnel, training, desking deals and achievement of target forecasts. The General Sales Manager takes direction and is accountable to the General Manager.


Qualifications/Skills Required

 Proven Sales performance, leadership and team management experience; ability to motivate and proactively develop a Sales Team and leads by example

  • Goal Oriented
  • Exceptional multi tasker and time manager; organized
  • Exceptional understanding of the trends in the marketplace; ability to conduct trend analyses
  • Ability to find solutions and resolve conflict
  • Excellent communicator with exceptional oral and written skills
  • Driven to provide outstanding customer experiences
  • Exhibits sound judgment, empathy, and integrity
  • Amazing trainer and coach process oriented, has expert product knowledge
  • Full understanding of regulations, laws and required compliance in the Automotive Industry including OEM policies and procedures
  • Strong understanding and ability to calculate profit margins; track sales and monitor forecast expectations and analyze financial information
  • Computer proficient
  • VSA Licensed

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with the General Manager on the development of operational strategies;
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Positively direct, coach, mentor, motivate, develop and support a successful sales team;
  • Develop and deliver training programs and schedules for Sales Team Coordinate activities with F&I Managers to ensure they are aligned with operational strategies, documentation is accurate and deliveries are timely;
  • Monitor and promote effective sales processes, and create enthusiasm to produce exceptional sales performance and growth; has an exceptional understanding of KPI, closing ratios;
  • Oversee a strategy to continuously engage customers, provide outstanding customer experiences and drive referral and repeat business;
  • Develop sales objectives/forecasts for individual performance; monitor and assess progress and closing ratios;
  • With direction from the General Manager, create, review and manage departmental budgets for expenses;
  • Desk and close deals; mentor Sales Managers to desk and close deals;
  • Aid in the creation, and design of marketing campaigns to drive quality leads;
  • Ensure the team follows all current company policies, processes and procedures;
  • Comply with any WorkSafe requirements, and safety protocols;
  • Support of all other dealership operations including Fixed Operations and Accounting to promote cooperation and a team environment;
  • Undertake all other tasks that may be delegated to you under the supervision of the General Manager


Core Values

Accountable – you stand by your decisions because they are sound

Builder of Relationships – you have positive working relationships with others both internally and externally

Love What You Do – you are energetic, outgoing and your enthusiasm for the business is infectious

Ethical – your standards align with the values of the organization

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